Tonight's Conversation - Single's Starter Pack

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Look to grow your self-love and have more fun with the girls? Then the Single's Starter Pack is for you! 

This bundle deal includes: 

  • Self-Love Deck (No explanation needed) 
  • Ladies Night (Perfect for the all girls functions)
  • Family Game Night (Get the family reunions poppin')

Look no further this is the BEST deal on the site!

About Each Deck: 

Self-Love Deck

Self-care and self-love are not selfish. In order to take care of others, you must first know how to take care of yourself. Before you can truly love someone else, you must fully love and embrace yourself-flaws and all. Tonight's Conversation, The Self-Love Deck provides daily meditation and journaling prompts to help you get back to your first love-yourself. When you look in the mirror, do you like who you see-inside and out? Have you set clear boundaries for respect, friendship and love? Are you dedicating time each day for your dreams and goals? If you’ve honestly answered “No” to any of those questions, then Tonight Conversation, The Self-Love Edition is for you.

Ladies Night

There is nothing like your girlfriends - Bey has Kelly, Oprah has Gayle, Latifah has Jada. Girlfriends hold you down, lift you up, and keep your secrets - judgment-free. Tonight's Conversation! The Card Game - Ladies Night Edition will strengthen bonds, separate the girls from the women, and remind you who your ride or die is. This is the game you play with your squad. You know who they are! So, grab a glass of your favorite beverage, crack open Tonight's Conversation! The Card Game - Ladies Night Edition, and enjoy a night of laughter, honesty, and real conversation with your girls. #noboysallowed

Family Game Night

Blood is thicker than water but you cannot choose the family you are born into. From your bossy big sister to your crazy uncle, Family Gathering will reveal who gets the party started, who shuts it down, and who never shows up. Are you the trouble maker or the peacekeeper? Who makes the best potato salad, pound cake, or mac and cheese? Whose kids are the worst behaved and who is on their third spouse? Family Gathering is a hilarious game that will make you laugh and own your *ish.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Great conversation starters once they get comfortable with discussing the topics they don’t want to stop sharing.

Kea Pittman
Love It!

So much fun and laughter. For Family and Friends!


These cards are great

Crystal Toney
I am Impressed!!!!

I am so amazed! I got the bundle and had so much fun getting to know myself and those that have been around me for years. These are great and I will recommend them.