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Excited to see what it’s about.

My expectations are a little high but this is my first experience. So we will see how everything goes. I was able to catch a discount which was not offered initially. I was happy about that.

LOVE these cards!!!

I absolutely love these discussion cards. My partner and I were friends for a long time before dating, so I know him well. However, these cards present topics/questions that I'd never think to ask, so we're continuing to learn more about each other. These are very intimate and highly recommended.

I love these cards

I have 5 sets and I love all of them… I use them with my new partner and we have so much fun with them… great way to get to know someone


Enjoyed doing this on me and my honeys first trip together . Can't wait to bring it out again. Some of the questions have yet to apply to us only because we are new in our relationship but we both found this game to be amazing over dinner and drinks. Intimate moment.


I enjoy them I would like to host you guys here at my lounge to get a great buzz

Great way to connect with your partner!

The questions are amazing, we used the cards and shared joy and laughter. There was also conversation FULL of substance! Great way to connect and learn more about your significant other while having a good time. I’d purchase again in a heartbeat.

Great Topics!

These card games made our fun nights more enjoyable. Every card helped us explore some wonderful and fun topics, which helped us to become more connected.

Date night

The cards are great only use a few card’s gonna use more on our next date night

Definitely spicy!

I absolutely loved this deck! I was glad the cards were spicy and kept it going! Other decks usually have only a few spicy cards but this deck definitely was with purchasing!

We LOVE these cards!

Highly recommend. Great conversation starter and questions you may not have thought to ask! Some cards repeated but overall, super happy with my purchase. But then! You won’t regret it!

Relationship novice

Open ended questions are great starter questions. Good job.

Awesome cards!

These cards sparked real discussion. Great for our 1st date road trip!

Loved it

Great conversation starter


I loved it, it was real convo for grown ups. I just wish it longer but other than that it was 🔥. A lot of shows I attend are by opposite races and situations I can't relate to. Please come back and make it longer (that's what she said 🤣)

Cool card games worth the money

One of the best games! I really enjoyed playing with my partner. I feel we really connected on a deeper level. I can’t wait to play all 3!


Me and my Man love it we’ve had longer conversations while on our dates so thanks your amazing

Unique Cards

These Cards Open Up Your Mind & Can Help Couples Explore One Another

Distant loverzVA

I’ve been following on instagram for a 2018 I met someone and we made a deep connection. Distance keeps us apart physically but both in VA. I got the cards and he and I played the other night via video chat. And it really helped us understand a lot of things.

From situationship to relationship

These questions getting us closer fr fr!!


My husband and I was able to get deeper with the couples deck. I love it


I thought it was pretty dope. I love the panel and the switching of who talked on stage after breaks. The poetry was dope as well.

Made game night Spicy!

We played this for game night for my birthday weekend in Cancun! We had such a good time. We all really got know each other better. Definitely a hit with my crew! Can’t wait to buy other versions!

Had an amazing time! Would definitely go again!