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These cards has been just what was needed.

Awesome couples edition

We love the cards and do a few each night ! They are great

Tonight's Conversation Cards - Couple's Edition

They're great.

I did get to read through them however haven't used them yet for a date night. Looking forward to it.

Relationship Booster!

My husband's and I have been married for 13 years. Although we are happily married, the conversation cards help us avoid the daily routine of coming home from work, cooking/ eating dinner and going to bed without any substantial conversation. We've only had them a month, and we usually only use 2-3 cards a night. After 13 years of knowing someone you think you'd already know everything... these cards help you discover even more!

A way to ask questions

Without seeming intrusive!

Thought provoking!

The Couples & Date Night Editions are Fire! In any relationship, one should NEVER assume they know their partner 100%. These cards keep opening the door for a tighter bond! People change! Situations do, too! These card allow for individuals to take good to better to greater! I recommend both editions to all!

Enlightening Convo Starter

These cards are the bomb! It provides you with the start of a challenging conversation tha 9 times outta 10 need to be discussed! Don't delay get them today!!

Must Buy!!

These cards ask the question you are afraid to! If you are just starting to date you must but these cards!!

Love these cards

My significant other and I enjoy these questions. The questions are very thought provoking. They really give insight on each other’s thoughts and morals. I actually bought a set for some other couples.

Tonight's Conversation Cards - Date Night Edition


cards were great conversation starters
the cards allowed me to get to know my mate on a different level.

100% recommend

I play these card games all the time with my boo and I compare our responses to see how much we view similarly. Needless to say, we are a perfect match and these cards are a life saver!!!

Tonight Conversation Cards- The After Dark Edition

Love them

Tonight's Conversation Cards - "Intimate" Edition

Andrew & Christine

Cards were very fun. Got them for a 3rd date with a new girlfriend. Helped break the ice on a few difficult topics.

While we think we know everything there is to know about each other these questions cards show that we don’t

Gets You Talking!

This is what my fiancé and I needed to help us to communicate more. We are loving it!

Buy all of them!

This card game is an amazing conversation starter! Get the answers you really need and it’s fun as hell.


Great way to start engaging in pertinent conversations. We Love it!!

S.L.A.P. Sound Like A Plan EVRY Sunday Funday

The cards are phenomenal and have rally engaged my friends a and my guests for my podcast show. Howeve my only complaint is y’all owe a ninja 12$ for that two fee that took six to get to me…. But I ain’t gone blast you lol cause I LOVE THE CARDS!!!!

Dating with Purpose

These cards are what was missing in getting to know my mate. Communicating is now easier since we created a space of safeness and openness. Thanx

Great Product

Thanks to these cards date night will never be the same!☺️

Tonight's Conversation Cards - Date Night Edition