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I love playing this game with my babe! Having amazing and deep conversations :))))

They are great cards

Great conversational cards

Nice set of questions to reignite conversation with your partner.

Great Variety of Topics

I feel the questions in the Relationship Debate box have a wide variety of topics. I'm headed to Brunch this afternoon and received a text last night from one of my friends asking me to bring my new cards lol.

I took the box of Relationship Discussions to Brunch a few months ago with the same 2 people I'm dining with today. A couple at the table next to us said, 'you guys are having a great conversation'. I showed them the cards and the husband took a picture of the box to order them. I advised they had Couple Edition boxes too. They introduced themselves and started participating in the discussions as well.

I also own the Ladies Night and After Dark Editions. Communication is paramount in any relationship. You may think you know how you feel about a topic and after discussing it you may have a change of heart.

Keep up the great work Ace Metaphor! 💞

Great conversation starter!

Really fun date activity

Thought provoking!!!

I love the cards, and so does my boyfriend. We had dinner and answered quite a few of the questions. Many of them were pretty thought provoking, others we improvised a little bit on. But definitely created some great conversation and provided some insight.

Just what we needed when we needed it

Every single card his like it was reading our minds
Much needed especially to aid deeper conversations even though we’re very early into our relationship the cards helped me especially broach topics I would be too shy to, on my own.
At times it’s like I wrote the next question myself.
We played them over a drink and at times I would hide the card to swap it and he’d grab it and read it so we had a lot of fun playing the cards.
It made our evening more special and intimate.
Very impressive
I recommend this to every couple no matter what stage they are in their relationship.

Good time!

I ordered self love, ladies night, and relationship discussion decks for my birthday weekend getaway with my girlfriends. We had a really good time with them and some GREAT discussions! Our favorite deck for the weekend was the self love deck! We used those the most.

A must Purchase

These cards are game charger..I gotta get all the rest of the collection

Undeniably one of my best purchases of the year!!!

Absolutely wonderful! The cards are of great quality and the questions are really insightful. I got these for my girlfriend and I and we now regularly incorporate them in our quality time and they’ve deepened our connection in our long distance circumstances.

Fun and Entertaining

A group of the ladies were excited to play at a girls night. It kept a conversation, fun and entertaining.

I’ve bought most of these cards

Y’all better get these cards. When I tell you they are the truth to your relationship y’all better listen. Be in a relaxed environment let your guard down. It’s transformative for your relationships.

Gift that keeps giving

I actually bought them as a gift for someone however, I have been told that they really truly love all of them and that they are a gift that keeps on giving

Ice Breakers

I cannot wait too play with any of the decks of card games I bought! I just had too have them, and support a Daytonian brother.

3rd times a charm

Literally. Long story short these cards are excellent. They are being used to rebuild a relationship that we’ve taken 3 attempts at. I’m thankful.

Love it

Thank you! I’ll purchase additional card games because the ladies night game is a HIT!!! When playing the game you have to play it with people who keep it real.

Love the Date night Edition

Played this game with another couple it was really good was able To find out some interesting things about each other


This deck will make you think deeper than on the surface. Be ready to surprise yourself with what's deep inside!!!!

Love em

They had some real questions that would help you connect. Super fun.

Love these cards ! It opened up doors to feelings that my mate never said to me and we have been knowing eachother for 17 years

Real talk

These cards make you have real conversations! We love them

Much Needed in New Relationships!!!

I loved loved loved these cards!! My boyfriend and I just recently got together and these cards were perfect for getting us to open up and learn more about each other. It helped with opening our minds and asking those questions that would be otherwise hard to answer had it not been a game. Making it a game definitely breaks those barriers with being so serious and it helps with adding alcohol as a little challenge ;)

Connecting Couples

This edition is awesome. The cards are deep and it gets to the core of some issues. Also, lighthearted and allows for Affirmation and laughter