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Second Set Purchase

So I first purchased the Date Night Edition, my now fiance and I Ioved it so much I had to get another set. I purchased the Couples Edition and it really has kept our relationship strong because the questions are amazing and it creates an open environment to be transparent. So we have the deck out on the table and when we're cooking or eating we'll randomlypick a card and have a conversation about our answers. We really really love these thought provoking cards and I plan to purchase every set. Thank you!

Best purchase ever

I met a guy through a mutual friend, we hit it off quickly. Our 4th date we took a road trip so I purchased the Tonight's Conversation Dating Edition and brought them with me on the road trip. We took turns drawing cards and asking questions, this was such an awesome way to get through 10 hours on the road as well as really getting to know the real heart of the person you're dating. These cards confirmed I was with the right one. Thank you!

Tonight's Conversation Cards - The After Dark Edition

Tonight's Conversation Cards - First Dates Edition

Master Piece

Love it! ❤️

Truly after dark edition.

We absolutely love the cards. There were a few scenarios that I was suppose to answer but instead he jumps right on in letting me know that he has no problem being in a different roll. Our conversations has opened up more since we received the deck. Glad we ordered relationship debates, that's going to be interesting !!

Love it!

Great way to start conversations. The questions can take you to so many different places. Makes you have conversations about things you may not normally have. As an introvert I found this to be a great way for me to come outside my shell. I have three decks and will be ordering all the others.

Great Game

I played it with my fiancé..we talked, laughed, drank, and joked for hours over all of the questions.


Love it. Lady and I have grown a lot closer bc of it

Can You Spell....CONNECTING? Oh! Yes I Can!

My boyfriend and I truly enjoyed this eye opening, engaging experience! We laid the ground rules to be open, honest and transparent. The cards ask the just read, and allow the conversation begin. Each card allows for building more conversation as it relates to the question. We found it to be a very organic and fun way of learning more about each other, which led to alot of ah..ha moments! Sometimes couples find difficulty in speaking to issues that help to make not only the relationship better....but each other better. This tool has well structured questions, that also ask the "why" of your response. We listened and learned from each other...and we are committed to working on those areas that will bring us closer than close!

So Worth IT!!!!

I really love all the cards… I purchased all of them and shuffle them all in one deck… it opens communication to questions that I would never think to ask. I just love how the questions keeps flowing where you can have exciting conversation that stays interesting; because you never know what questions might pop up. It is so worth it!

Definite game changer

I bought the cards with the hopes of having meaningful conversations with my spouse. Our relationship has dwindled over the years and we were on the doorway of calling it quits. This was my last ditch effort. And OMG what amazing results we’ve had. We sit and go through a handful of cards a night and we’ve learned so much about one another that we weren’t sharing before. We’re growing closer and starting to see that old spark again. Truly a marriage saver for us. Thank you!

Conversation Cards

I use the Date Night Cards tonight and it was a Hit he kept saying pull another one sweetheart lets talk ask me anything i loved them we will be making this apart of our date night at least once a month thank you Ace you Rock!!❤

Fun game with interesting conversation

Probably best played with some one you trust. This will bring out all the dirty little secrets.

Thought provoking and Hilarious

I bought the Date Night, Couples and After Dark decks and they turned our date night into a deep conversation about our past, present and future. Fun hack: shuffle a few cards from each deck together to really add some fun chaos to the questions 😉

Dating without thinking about past experiences

I really like the Date Night Edition. I tried answering the questions two ways:
1. Past experience
2. Open mind for future dates
I came up with the most interesting answers that even surprised myself :-)
Overall, I am looking forward to seeing you during the tour to Baltimore!
From a Senior Sista with hope for her dating future!

Great conversation questions

For a new couple

This deck is great for introverts who need help asking questions to new partners.

Tonight's Conversation Cards - The After Dark Edition

Tonight's Conversation Cards - Couple's Edition

Tonight's Conversation Cards - First Dates Edition

Best Game

From one to ten, I give these cards a 10 hands down!! My s/o and I played the game and we had the best time. He even raved about the game to his co workers the next day, now they want the cards as well. Next event with friends I'm taking my cards to have a interesting time.