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Great way to start a conversation!

Perfect for couples

I Love this card game for my husband and I. He has a hard time expressing hisself, so these questions makes him think and we have deep conversations.

Great way to get your significant other to open up.

Great purchase

Very entertaining, very deep conversation topics

My guy enjoyed the cards


The community was great. The laughter was necessary and the conversation was the key component. It was enlightening to hear and see that you’re “not alone” and life circumstances are truly across the board. Try to incorporate break out sessions to match your table talk advertisements. Overall, we loved it all!

Soul searching for all participants. Will recommend for couples who want to dig deeper into discovering how there partner thinks and feels regarding many scenarios that effect relationships everyday.

Great Card Game!

Such great questions! Meaningful and well thought out card game.

Tonight's Conversation Cards - Date Night Edition

Too Outdone!

It was far more than I expected. More engaging that I expected. Interacted with and met some amazing people there. Looking forward to attending future events.

Started something

Me and my girlfriend REALLY enjoyed the after dark card game.

Couples Edition Cards

My cards was shipped the same day & came on the expected date. The cards have multiple questions that opens up room for conversation. Would definitely recommend.

Tonight's Conversation Cards - Date Night Edition

Loved it

I had and amazing time and I learned a lot for my future dating adventures

Love The Cards

I had the opportunity to use the cards a few days ago and my guy and I loved them. It took the conversation to the next level. We alternated reading a question, in which we would both answer. It allow us to talk about our relationship in a way that was open, fun and relaxing.

Thank you!


Makes it easier to have a conversation

Great Date

I brought my cards on a date and it was a hit! We both enjoyed it and loved getting to know each other. The questions were very thought provoking and necessary


Your questions make one dig and search themselves and if they are honest some of the answers could make or break something before it truly ever hops off... Indepth thinking... and questioning

So much fun!!

These cards are so much fun!!1 You really get to know someone with these... A++

So much fun for the group!

3 couples use the cards and we were all like "these are deep". We all had to think about thoughts we normally only think of to ourselves. It was a fun way to all get to know each other better. My husband said things that surprised and pleased me. 👍🏾👍🏾

Played couple debates last night and loved the game.

Real Life, Real Laughs

Who says you can't have great fun with serious topics?! I needed a night outbut I got an experience..

Tonight's Conversation Cards - Couple's Edition


We have been married 37 years and we pull 2 cards everyday. You never know if u dont ask!

Tonight's Conversation Cards - Relationship Debates