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I like it live in person and would love to have you back to Sacramento.

Vibe was cool & lit definitely going again

Enjoyed myself

I love it and will be coming back with my family


I went for my birthday and enjoyed every part of the show. I was so excited they came to Phoenix. I hope to go to another in the future.

Tonight's Conversation LIVE & Uncut '24

Good Vibes

I love the topics, time management, the introduction, the rules n regulations and the mini club vibes in the beginning. Very organized and we got our monies worth.


Such a good time, the laughter never stopped. I wish it was longer but I must say it was interesting hearing different views on subject. See you guys next time

Awesome experience

The podcast was great.

Amazing show!!!

This show was lit af!!! It was so much fun. I cannot wait for them to come back to Arizona! I highly recommend!!!

Tonight's Conversation LIVE '24 (VIP Upgrade)
Evetta Crouch
Absolutely Amazing

Entire panel was welcoming and delightful to talk to

Unexpected fun

My husband and I follow TC on social media platforms and wanted to attend a live show. I'm thankful we did. My husband has been homesick for Detroit since we moved to Arizona and we had a ball. The DJ was everything, loved him. Being around other black ppl felt like we were at a family gathering. The conversation and and answers were very informative and insightful. I'm happy that we got the VIP tickets for this one and skipped the line. I will definitely be going to another one!

The best pod yet

I loved the entire process! It was easy to get in, it EXTREMELY entertaining and educational and the crowd was exceptional!

I can't wait to go next year!

Awesome and Authentic

I appreciate the rawness and realness.

Tonight's Conversation LIVE '24 (Super VIP Upgrade)
Brenda Jones
Well worth every damn penny 🔥🔥

All of you guys were excellent 👌🏿 The content was great. To hear emotionally intelligent men speak, it's breathtaking. Will definitely see you again when you come back to BMORE♥️🥰

Great Cards

Great way to learn your partner and have great dialog with one another.

I enjoyed it

I wish it would have been a little longer or there was room for more questions. I like that it sparked convos between us after the show as well.the pies try was bomb too!

Tonight's Conversation LIVE & Uncut '24

The truth!!!!!

Maaaan this show can make or break your relationship 😂😂😂


Best birthday ever non stop laughter can’t wait to see y’all again

Tonight's Conversation LIVE & Uncut '24


I loved the podcast show. Tonight’s conversation was raw and very insightful and educational to attend. I will be back to see them go on tour in Baltimore and I will be at their next show. Definitely recommend and I really enjoyed the event. The cast was great and honest. Ace literally spoke pure facts and was one of my favs

Tonight's Conversation Cards - Foreplay Edition

Baltimore Convention Center

Love it ❤️❤️

Tonight's Conversation LIVE & Uncut '24


I loved the show it was very good and entertaining even during intermissions they kept things lively and fun with a dj and pulling the crowd together to participate. It was overall enjoyable.