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I just love it. Thank youuuuu soooomuch

Love listening to Ace talk.

Haven’t gotten a chance to actually play this one yet but from the questions in the deck I know this game is definitely going to be very spicy!

These cards are really good. I didn’t get to use them on my first date but I brought them along on my third and it was really fun! Some of the questions were very personal or required an in depth answer but again still a great ice breaker!

Each addition is great! Some of the questions do repeat at times, however, that’s because we have basically every single deck.

I love “TC’s” card games. They are awesome as icebreakers, whether for you and your spouse/significant other or your homegirls. They bring forth another realm of conversation.

Can’t wait to use this but I know it’s gonna make a great ignition in our relationship

Tonight’s Conversation Live and Uncut

I absolutely loved the live show! I had so much fun and the advice and topics were great to hear. I can’t wait until they come back to Philly!

Tonight's Conversation LIVE & Uncut
Courtney Gardner-Prince
We had a time!

Thoroughly enjoyed the show… there were no dull moments! Loved the feed back and the interaction and energy. We had a great time!

Tonight's Conversation LIVE & Uncut

Fun and interactive

Enjoyed myself and love the cards I purchased as well.

Great questions to ask for deeper connection with your partner.

Grown, Sexy & Comedic

Much anticipated and did not disappoint!! Variety of content and topics. Panel well versed, authentic, knowledgeable and hilarious. The take away is that healing yourself is imperative prior to beginning or seeking any relationship. A great safe night out with great people. Thank you for visiting Philadelphia.

These cards are the tough questions everyone needs to ask in their relationship. This card set can be fun to play while also getting serious very fast. It takes people who are willing to accept that there are things that need change.

Even if your not looking for those deep questions they can help you open your eyes and see what might not be right for you right now.

These are a must have. I recommend getting all the sets of cards. They have couples, date night, intimacy, and more.

I absolutely love this I played these cards yesterday at my blind date and it went really well!

Great item to use to engage taboo topics about relationships.

Great item to engage conversations I use to avoid.

Fun game to play with that special someone.

Very fun!!! Great conversation starter if you and your partner don't know how to start a conversation with one another. Some questions lead to other questions which were fun and funny. Definitely a great buy!