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Loved it

The game was fun and sparked interesting conversation. It also allowed for us to address "elephants in the room" and have conversations that needed to be had. I would recommend this game for any and everyone.

Card game- Couple’s Edition

The questions are great!

Had a great time!

Awesome awesome awesome time! Add a Dj for in betweeen episodes and takes. Still had a great time!!!

Absolutely amazing

Absolutely amazing way to open the gates to real genuine conversations

Date Night

The cards were an addition to our date night which allowed my partner and I to get to know each other better.

Great convo starters!

Best Convo Cards Ever

Truly appreciate the idea coming into life. Especially for beginners in the dating scene. Highly recommend when getting to know someone on a personal romantic level!

I really enjoy both the show and the card game. My wife and I watch the show every Tuesday evening and talk about the show. The card game allows us to get to know one another better on a different level. It helps you understand one another thinking better as well. The only way you truly get to know someone is by asking questions and sometimes we don’t necessarily ask the right questions. So this game gets the conversation going and asked the right questions. It’s both fun and refreshing.

Very interesting

Great questions and thought provoking conversations.

Such a great conversation

Everything was great and engaging, my only critique is that it seemed like ppl weren’t able to get their questions in. Maybe some responses don’t have to get so drawn out that others don’t get to ask their questions. Other than that panelist are great and convo fluid and well articulated

Great questions

Got these for a trip with my wife. First adult vacation in years. These cards were great, and got us talking in a way we wouldn’t have before. Got to learn and apply some things. We feel closer and still have plenty of cards left. Thanks Ace Metaphor!

Great card games

Me, my husband, my mom and my step daughter played the relationship debate card game for memorial day and it was very interesting. Alot of good topics that kept the game going and fun.

Great for Date Night

Great way to get to know your person without being so invasive. If you've been with your person for a while, it's a great date night tool to lead to a more intimate level.

Tonight's Conversation Live & Uncut Atlanta

I drove all the way from West Columbia, SC to attend this show in Atlanta. I truly enjoyed it. I loved the fact that they were on point with start times! I held VIP access passes and that experience was awesome. I enjoyed the music, dancing in my chair and also the poetry vibe. Please bring your tour to Columbia, SC!

My first date night cards

Love the simplicity of the wording and the purpose.

Great opener

Brought these to play after a date night on the town it was a great conversation starter and lots of fun

Big Fun

Great game night! We had a blast

Get it!!!

I ordered this set to entertain guests and spice the conversation up on dates. Definitely really fun, I’ve only played two decks so far. I love them!

I need to buy more sets

Absolutely love it. I broadcast and I use the relationship debates and discussions to get my panel started. Hours of fun!!

Playing cards

Your trio pack of tonight’s conversation cards (date nite, after dark and first dates) has got me and a significant woman in my interest to see a deeper perspective in us both. These cards actually really make us be fully honest and be completely vulnerable state hopefully Dey will not be offended or affected in a negative way shape or form with our truest of answers

Looking Forward to the Conversation

I ordered the cards for future family/friends games. I open them and read some of the questions. 😉😂 I am looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts this weekend. Who said I need to wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas to enjoy this holiday bundle?!?! 😊😉💪🏽

Conversation starter

This brought up a lot of questions we didn't realized we had or were afraid to ask.

Conversation starter

This will definitely spark some interesting conversations

Icing on the cake

My fiancé and I have been together since 2019 and have learned an abundance about one another. Our biggest challenge has been communication and understanding each other better. These cards have been a fun and interactive boost to things along with our premarital counseling. Highly suggested. I’ve told my couple friends and married friends. Must have.