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Tired of the whole family being on their phone during the Holidays? Bring the conversation back to the Holidays with Tonight's Conversation - Holiday Bundle! 

This bundle deal includes: 

  • Date Night Holiday Edition (100 Holiday Themed Date Night Questions) 
  • Family Game Night (100 Family Themed Game Night Questions)

About Each Deck: 

Date Night Holiday Edition

Hang up the mistletoe, put the bird in the oven and throw on your favorite costume - Tonight’s Conversation is: Date Night Holiday Edition. Learn how your partner feels about holiday traditions, your mother’s sweet potato pie, and costumes that don’t involve bedroom role play. Is it holidays with the family, or some exotic island? Do they give great gifts, or shop at the convenience store at the last minute? Is it all about Christmas - or does Halloween rule? Find out all you need to know and do much more with Tonight’s Conversation: Date Night Holiday Edition.

Family Game Night

Blood is thicker than water but you cannot choose the family you are born into. From your bossy big sister to your crazy uncle, Family Gathering will reveal who gets the party started, who shuts it down, and who never shows up. Are you the trouble maker or the peacekeeper? Who makes the best potato salad, pound cake, or mac and cheese? Whose kids are the worst behaved and who is on their third spouse? Family Gathering is a hilarious game that will make you laugh and own your *ish. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Shtameka Carson
Looking Forward to the Conversation

I ordered the cards for future family/friends games. I open them and read some of the questions. 😉😂 I am looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts this weekend. Who said I need to wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas to enjoy this holiday bundle?!?! 😊😉💪🏽

Sabrina Jackson
Relationship Debates

I enjoyed these cards so much. I played it with my friends and those open ended questions were definitely debates