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If you're in long-term or committed relationship then the Couple's Trio Bundle is for you! 

This bundle deal includes: 

  • Couple's Edition (Our best-selling deck) 
  • Intimate Sex Edition (69 steaming bedroom questions)
  • Couples' Game Night (perfect couples vs couples game)

Look no further this is the BEST deal on the site!

About Each Deck: 

Couple's Edition

Let’s talk about us - our first kiss, our first date, the first time, our first fight. Tonight's Conversation Cards - Couple's Edition reminds you of the good times, sheds some light on the bad times, and helps plot the course for the future. This reminiscent and thought-provoking Q&A deck will help couples better understand if they are built to last, need to put in work, or are simply biding time until it’s over. Is your relationship ready for this kind of honesty? 

Intimate Sex Edition

Intimacy and sex are used in the same vein but are not the same thing. It is an age-old argument that the former is not possible without the latter. So, Tonight’s Conversation is about intimacy, sex, and all other grown folk’s business. If you are old enough to do it, you are grown up enough to talk about it. Tonight’s Conversation: Couple’s “Intimate” Edition opens the bedroom door, pulls back the sheets, and helps you reveal the good, the bad, and the freaky.

Couples' Game Night

Relationships are work, and those on the outside never know what is really happening behind closed doors. Couples' Game Night opens the doors, unlocks your phones, and pulls back the sheets to reveal the passions and pains of relationships in a fun way. Play this game with your favorite married couple, the couple who’s been shacking up for years, or the newbies to love and relationships. Couples' Game Night dares you to be real and ready to answer the fun, raunchy, and tough questions.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Maria Davis
Real talk

These cards make you have real conversations! We love them

Amazing !!

Had a blast with my husband .my husband is incarcerated. I made copies of the conversation edition because we can’t take physical cards in. We had a blast . I felt like we were able to get to know each other on a deeper level . It was amazing !! Thank you. I’m looking forward to visiting this weekend .

Jennyre Reid
Deeper understanding

Great way to learn your mate


Best thing for events! Great ice breaker and way to get to know your "people " 😏

Kendrick Lane

My Wife and I Love the cards every couple definitely should have a set of these!!!💯💯