Tonight's Conversation Cards - Date Night Holiday

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Hang up the mistletoe, put the bird in the oven and throw on your favorite costume - Tonight’s Conversation is: Date Night Holiday Edition. Learn how your partner feels about holiday traditions, your mother’s sweet potato pie, and costumes that don’t involve bedroom role play. Is it holidays with the family, or some exotic island? Do they give great gifts, or shop at the convenience store at the last minute? Is it all about Christmas - or does Halloween rule? Find out all you need to know and do much more with Tonight’s Conversation: Date Night Holiday Edition.

Customer Reviews

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Melissa White

I LOVE these cards! I literally purchased every card game made because they are so AWESOME! It’s a wonderful ice breaker and great way to encourage healthy conversations, even with the most uncommunicative person.


Me and my partner love this game card it helps us get to know each other.

Vanessa Francois
They're great.

I did get to read through them however haven't used them yet for a date night. Looking forward to it.

Kimberley Jackson-Warner
Fun Nite Together

For our routine date Nite the HUBBY & I decided instead of going out to do something indoors. We pulled out the Date Night Holiday Edition as well as the Connecting Couples Deck….. We had a BLAST. I can say all the years together we learned more about each other. THANK YOU ACE METAPHOR