The Future Wife Handbook: You're Not Waiting, You're Preparing

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Lessons every future wife should know.

"As we go about our ordinary lives, we need to stop thinking about waiting for our future spouses, we need to prepare for love that lasts a lifetime by loving ourselves first.  
Think about it – we say, 'To have and to hold,' during our wedding ceremonies, but when do we say that to ourselves? When do we commit to loving ourselves?  
I believe that you can’t love somebody else ‘til you’ve learned to love yourself first. You can’t give what you don’t have.  
See, I think we’ve been taught to love wrong. We should say our vows to ourselves first. We look into the eyes of our partner and whisper sweet nothings, but we don’t look into the mirror and say the same things to ourselves.  
At this moment, whether you’re single, in a relationship, or are about to be single again, you want things to get better. Even if things are great right now, you want them to get better.  
That’s why I wrote this book." ~ Ace Metaphor

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Thank you very much for this book. I will be definitely order in Books with your pretty soon and I just got my book and I will be reading it soon.

Future Wife Handbook

The book is awesome so far. I've highlighted several paragraphs & can't wait to share it with friends.


It's a very good read.