Before You Give-Up on Love READ THIS

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A collection of short poems, quotes and affirmations by Ace Metaphor. This book is a MUST READ for anyone that has ever been hurt, used or mistreated before. This book will serve as a reminder of your worth, your beauty and QUEENship. 

It's time to take your self-love to the next level! 

 If you love Ace Metaphor's memes, quotes, art or a poetry fan - you're going to LOVE this book. 

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Topics covered in this book: 

  • How to leave AND NOT GO BACK to toxic relationships.
  • What to do to rediscover YOU AND protect your peace in the process.
  • How to identify the RIGHT men and avoid the wrong ones  

Customer Reviews

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Santana Petrich

Very thought provoking and thoughts about being on both sides of a love partnership was very insightful. To recognize ones own faults and actually own them, to be accountable for them, was very eye-opening for me. I loved every word. Thank you for sharing. It truly helped me look inward and that's where everything begins...

Florence Jackson

Enjoyed the encouragement!

Lexi Rogers

It is definitely one of my favs and worth the money!! I love your video you just be laying down the facts