Tonight's Conversation Cards - Couples' Game Night

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Relationships are work, and those on the outside never know what is really happening behind closed doors. Couples' Game Night opens the doors, unlocks your phones, and pulls back the sheets to reveal the passions and pains of relationships in a fun way. Play this game with your favorite married couple, the couple who’s been shacking up for years, or the newbies to love and relationships. Couples' Game Night dares you to be real and ready to answer the fun, raunchy, and tough questions.

Customer Reviews

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Drew Pendleton
Undeniably one of my best purchases of the year!!!

Absolutely wonderful! The cards are of great quality and the questions are really insightful. I got these for my girlfriend and I and we now regularly incorporate them in our quality time and they’ve deepened our connection in our long distance circumstances.

Jennifer Pearson

I'm loving the conversation really makes you & your partner have to get SERIOUS on some of the questions...I haven't had the opportunity to play with the other cards...but I'm definitely lookin forward to it.

DJ Smith
Not For The Faint Hearted!

This game can get really intense but it is a lot of fun, especially with a lively crew. Just come prepared for the shenanigans!

Carla Jones

Played this with another couple and we absolutely had a blast 💥.

Stephanie Bracey
Perfect gift

I gifted these in couples date night baskets wine/ drinks and all. I have not used these at all myself. The couples that I gave them to are new couples and couples that have been together for 20 years. I think the feed back will be positive. I'll let you know.