Tonight's Conversation Cards - Date Night Edition

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Tonight's Conversation Cards - Date Night Edition. The question deck that invokes deep, stimulating, and tantalizing conversation. The date night experience through fun Q&A. Rather you’re looking to test the compatibility of a potential partner, strengthen the bond of an existing relationship, or spice up game night, Tonight's Conversation Cards - Date Night is a fun and engaging way to spark conversation with the one you care about most. This is the best date night card game on the market!


* There are over 100 open-ended question cards in this deck. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 798 reviews
Ahnyah Phillips
Loved it

The game was fun and sparked interesting conversation. It also allowed for us to address "elephants in the room" and have conversations that needed to be had. I would recommend this game for any and everyone.

Triony Valdivia-Cazzol
Best Convo Cards Ever

Truly appreciate the idea coming into life. Especially for beginners in the dating scene. Highly recommend when getting to know someone on a personal romantic level!

Curtis Cole

I really enjoy both the show and the card game. My wife and I watch the show every Tuesday evening and talk about the show. The card game allows us to get to know one another better on a different level. It helps you understand one another thinking better as well. The only way you truly get to know someone is by asking questions and sometimes we don’t necessarily ask the right questions. So this game gets the conversation going and asked the right questions. It’s both fun and refreshing.

AV Fagan
Very interesting

Great questions and thought provoking conversations.

Toni Smith
Dating question

Amazing and makes the date fun