Toronto Updates 12/8

Tonight's Conversation LIVE is this Friday Toronto and here's everything you need to know!

Toronto (December 8th at 8pm) Metro Toronto Convention Centre 222 Bremner Blvd Toronto, ON M5V 3M9

Hall FG (South Building) - 222 Bremner Blvd Toronto, ON M5V 3M9

Please use this entrance to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Most importantly, none of our artist, since we U.S. based, can accept Canadian credit or debit cards, please bring cash to support merch.  

General Admission:
  • Arrive at 7:00pm SHARP
    • Remember your tickets are first come, first served
  • Arrive with your tickets READY to be scanned
  • Arrive with the party you want to be seated with
    • You can NOT pick your own seats nor save them
  • Late attendees can be subject to standing room only
  • Anyone not in the room by 8:00 will be respectfully held by our staff until the next podcast segment begins! 
  • You can upgrade your tickets to VIP (See perks below)
    •  Here: Upgrade me to VIP
    • or go directly to the upgrade/VIP table when you arrive (more expensive)
  • This ticket level does NOT come with picture access
If you don't like waiting in lines, don't think you'd arrive early enough to get the better first come, first served view and want pictures with the cast, we highly recommend upgrading your tickets to VIP
VIP Admission:
  • Arrive at 6:00PM SHARP (If you want pictures with the cast) 
  • This will be the only opportunity to grab your SELFIE picture with the cast.
  • Pictures only guaranteed from VIP who are in the building before 6:40pm
  • Do NOT wait in the GA line, come directly to the sign-in table.
  • Reminder: VIP seats are only held until 8:30pm
  • You can upgrade your tickets to SUPER VIP (See perks below) 
If you want to sit in the best possible seats in the house, attend the meet and greet and get a group picture with the cast, upgrade to SUPER VIP.
SUPER VIP Ticket Holders: 
  • Arrive at 5:45PM SHARP (If you want pictures with the cast) 
    • if you wish to attend the meet and greet.
  • Group photos with cast will be taken from 6:00 to 6:20 pm ONLY 
  • Do NOT wait in the GA line, come directly to the sign-in table.
Also, Tonight's Conversation Cards will be available for purchase at the show. 1 deck for $40 CAD, 3 decks for $80 CAD. You will never find the "3 for $80 CAD" deal online. So definitely be prepared to complete or start your collection. See all our decks HERE
Please bring enough cash to support our merchandise. We can NOT accept credit or debit.
Additionally, each cast mate will have merchandise.
Support of the tour merchandise is what makes these tours possible, so please plan on patronizing at least 2 of your favorite artist’s tables.