Chicago 23

Ace Metaphor here, and I'm so excited the Tonight's Conversation LIVE is this weekend! Below are super important details, please take a few minutes to read them carefully:  

Tonight's Conversation LIVE and Uncut WILL start on-time. 

Please plan for traffic and parking so that you arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the start time and have your tickets printed or downloaded to be seated. Here are the start times for each city below: 

Chicago (Friday) - 8PM

Chicago (Saturday) - 7PM

Please check your ticket to verify which show you have tickets for! Since both shows are sold out, Friday's tickets will only be accepted for Friday's show, same with Saturday. 

Since this is a LIVE recording, in order to minimize disruptions, attendees who arrive AFTER the start time will be held in the foyer/ lobby until breaks in the show (which could be up to 20 mins).

So, please (I’m begging ya lol) arrive on-time. 

Remember, if you are a general admission ticket holder, your seats are first come, first served (for non-reserved seating) and will be assigned by our door staff in order of arrival. You can NOT pick your own seats with this ticket type. However, to ensure you are seated with your friend group, please arrive with them OR wait outside of the general admissions line until your group  arrives so that you can be seated together.

Note: We understand the things that come up and can affect your ability to arrive at the show on time. However, our door staff will respectfully enforce the procedures explained above. Our door staff reserves the right to refuse entry and refund tickets to attendees who become unruly or whose tardiness may disrupt other attendees' experience.

For VIP ticket holders who want to take part in the 30-minute VIP Meet-and-Greet, please arrive an hour and 15 mins prior to show time. Otherwise, arrive anytime BEFORE the show start time.

VIP Ticket Holders, DO NOT wait in the general admission line, locate the VIP line signage and you will be admitted there. 

Each artist will have merchandise. Support of the merch is what makes these tours possible, so please plan on patronizing at least 2 of your artist’s tables. 

We are looking for 4 volunteers to help us with each show, if you don't mind coming a little earlier to help us seat guest and help with merch tables, please text (937) 416-3097 with your full name and which city you're attending if interested ASAP.  

Here are the addresses for a reminder below: 

Chicago (Friday, March 24th at 8pm) RENAISSANCE CHICAGO O'HARE SUITES 8500 W Bryn Mawr Ave | Chicago IL 60631

Chicago (Saturday, March 25th at 7pm) RENAISSANCE CHICAGO O'HARE SUITES 8500 W Bryn Mawr Ave | Chicago IL 60631