Ace Metaphor here, 

I'm so sorry for last night... 

Under NO circumstances should you have had to make your way out to a Tonight's Conversation LIVE event and NOT be able sit and enjoy the show.

Before explain, you have my word that I will personally make this right by combining a mixture of the refunds you've already received, free tickets to spring show and discounts on card games. I'll have more details by Wednesday this week (I have a DC show in an hour so I'm making this quick email to let you know I got you) 

What happened yesterday, 

We were promised the room we booked held 2k people, last week we received the floor plan and the space had 1800 seats, which was still enough, when we arrived at noon yesterday, we verified with the staff that 1800 chairs would be set up.

Flash forward to 5:30pm, we counted the chairs once they were finally. (and slowly) set-up by the Marriott staff and they had only set-up 1332 chairs! Which was 500 short! Immediately, I had all my staff focus on taken control of finding and adding more chairs but we soon found out it was a little too late. 

This has NEVER happened in the over 200 shows I've produced and the thing the gets to me the most is that this hotel ball drop effected you! 

So please look out for my email this week with more solutions and YES, I'm also going to also have the hotel send a written apology verifying everything I placed in this email, since it's my name on the line AND I feel you also deserve an apology from them.

I hope that you'll extend me understanding and give me a chance to earn your support again. 

Talk to you soon.