Tonight's Conversation Cards - First Dates Edition

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You took a chance. They asked you out and you said, “Yes.” Will your next date be everything you imagined or an epic fail? Tonight's Conversation, The First Dates Edition, will help you break the ice and fill the awkward silence. Ask something deeper than, “So, what college did you go to?” or “Where did you grow up?” Get to know each other dates don’t have to be filled with fake laughter and stock questions. Decide if there should be another date by talking about the stuff you really want to know, like if he’s ever been outside of the ten-mile radius of his residence and if she expects you to be her sugar daddy. It’s the easiest fun way to get to know the person you’ve been eyeballing for months. So, take a leap, ask them out, and don’t forget Tonight's Conversation, The First Dates Edition.

* This is a MUST-HAVE for those looking to start dating or those EARLY in the dating process. 

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Customer Reviews

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Gemini Hamilton
Great for a first date!

This definitely was fun to play and had me cut the guy off right away instead of wasting time because these are penetrating questions that one wants to know but don’t know how to ask. Great idea to make it a game it was fun as well and if nothing else I gained a friend because he damn sure couldn’t be my man with thoughts like that.


My date and I enjoyed the first date cards. I’m looking forward to playing this again with him.

Awilda Alvarado

Fun & so interesting definitely recommend to all who are dating.

kwata young
Break out the cards

I ordered 3 diff'decks of cards trying to support, had fun with them. Not going to lie though, I felt a little cheated because the after dark deck had a lot less cards than the others. Either way it was enjoyable but I spiced it up by making a real game out of it adding dice and shots of alcohol to it. NOW IT WAS REALLY ON AND CRACKING lol. Thank you it was definitely a nice additional to any date night or family game night.

Conversation starters

Good questions to ask some one you are trying to know more about. Fun and light hearted.