Tonight's Conversation Cards - Relationship Debates

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Women and men have the same capacity to experience the pleasure and pain of love. What’s different is how they interpret those experiences in the moment. You think you know your perspective on stepkids, a mundane sex life, exes and infidelity? Let’s see. Tonight's Conversation Cards - Relationship Debates takes you to the heart of how you and the people you care for most see the world through exciting Q&A on spicy relationship scenarios. Are you ready to state your case?


* There are over 100 scenario-based question cards in this deck. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 306 reviews
Fred Henderson
Relationship novice

Open ended questions are great starter questions. Good job.

Nekeshia Limuel
Glad I bought these cards!

Definitely conversation starters and more. Me and my family have been enjoying these.

Willicia Shy
Very satisfied

The cards arrived right in time for Valentine’s Day. I did them with my bf and it opened up enlightening dialogue. We realized even more where we’re compatible and the areas we need to work on. I love all 4 sets I have.

Shakeitha B.
Perfect Conversation starters

This was the perfect touch to "Ladies night in"

Great Variety of Topics

I feel the questions in the Relationship Debate box have a wide variety of topics. I'm headed to Brunch this afternoon and received a text last night from one of my friends asking me to bring my new cards lol.

I took the box of Relationship Discussions to Brunch a few months ago with the same 2 people I'm dining with today. A couple at the table next to us said, 'you guys are having a great conversation'. I showed them the cards and the husband took a picture of the box to order them. I advised they had Couple Edition boxes too. They introduced themselves and started participating in the discussions as well.

I also own the Ladies Night and After Dark Editions. Communication is paramount in any relationship. You may think you know how you feel about a topic and after discussing it you may have a change of heart.

Keep up the great work Ace Metaphor! 💞