Tonight's Conversation Cards - Ladies Night Edition

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There is nothing like your girlfriends - Bey has Kelly, Oprah has Gayle, Latifah has Jada. Girlfriends hold you down, lift you up, and keep your secrets - judgment-free. Tonight's Conversation! The Card Game - Ladies Night Edition will strengthen bonds, separate the girls from the women, and remind you who your ride or die is. This is the game you play with your squad. You know who they are! So, grab a glass of your favorite beverage, crack open Tonight's Conversation! The Card Game - Ladies Night Edition, and enjoy a night of laughter, honesty, and real conversation with your girls. #noboysallowed

The Ladies Night Edition has over 100 open-ended questions. The perfect game for Ladies Night.

Customer Reviews

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Yesssss sistas!!!!!

My siStars and I are planning an adult slumber party for October. That's when I'm going to bust these "Ladies Night Edition " cards out. I think it would be a nice addition to our weekend gathering. We are often having cocktails 🍸 and conversations. So this would be a great fit. I'm excited 😁 to see how the ladies 🚺 respond. Wish us a great night(weekend)!!!!!!

elisa brown

Best deck of cards out!

Can't wait to try with my friends!

I'm all about bringing people together through conversation - and what BETTER way to do so than with the Ladies Night Conversation card deck. Though I am planning a virtual game night soon, I am sure - just from a preview of the cards from this deck - that we ALL will be in for a good time with some interesting conversation! Can't wait to conversate and play!!!

Tiffany B
Who knew!?!?

I love these cards because they spur such great conversations. I have learned so much about my girlfriends using these cards. I highly recommend them.

DeMarkez Howell

I ended up buying the wrong deck of cards but after still playing the game with my GF it turned out to be a good selection to read from for her so I can know a little more about her. I highly recommend this and any other options for a family game night it won’t disappoint.